EVERYSCREEN MEDIA provides real-time bidding and data science technology for leading mobile marketing companies

Company Overview

Our customers and partners include DSPs, Ad Networks, Mobile Ad Networks, SSPs and agency trading desks. We have over 40 customers using our platform on either a managed or self-service basis.

There are three components to our solution: Inventory, Mobile Campaign Execution, and Mobile Data Management:


Access to over 100 billion mobile media impressions (In-app, mobile web, tablet) on a global basis from 14 sources of supply including AdX, Admeld, OpenX, Pubmatic, Rubicon, Smaato, Paypal Media Network, Appnexus, Mopub, Mobclix, Nexage, Amobee, Admarvel, and Live Intent.

Mobile Buying Platform

Mobile campaign planning, execution and optimization, available as either managed service or self service. The product suite includes:

Mobile Creative Tools:
support for all major 3rd-party ad servers and rich media ad types, as well as our own mobile ad hosting and serving solution, Easel™ AdServer
Custom Audience Segmentation:
audiences created in real-time based on user-triggered events — such as ad views, ad clicks, web page visits, purchase conversions, app installs — of interest to the marketer
Core Targeting:
by Geolocation, Content Type, Device & OS Type, IAB Category, among others
Mobile Conversion Tracking:
For reliable attribution of important post-click actions such as purchases.
Real-time Audience Forecasting:
Display the daily, weekly, and monthly inventory for customer-defined audience targets.
Highly Customizable Reporting:
for tracking a wide variety of campaign KPIs and data points.

Data Management Platform

ESM Core Data:
We listen to billions of impressions, classifying each piece of associated data, which can include geo-location, timestamp, device and context.
ESM Enriched Data:
Using proprietary algorithms, we create new and enhanced audience data to enable broader audience targeting. This can include hyperlocal geography, mobile carrier, demographics, IAB categories and consumer behaviors.
ESM Geo-Social Cohort Data:
Our patent-pending, privacy-friendly Geo-Social Cohort network uses enriched metadata to find cohorts of similar users through proximity and other affinity signals. This network extension is the basis for our Neighborhood™, Pushpin™ and EveryScreen™ products.
Customer Data:
All of our data can be combined with client data to allow for privacy-friendly integration of client-defined segments that are keyed to ecommerce data, user behaviors, page views, geo-location or other events.
3rd Party Data:
To ensure we offer our clients the richest metadata available for finding the right audience, we partner with select third parties to incorporate specific data utilities of particular value. These offerings are incorporated directly into our platform.

The EveryScreen Media team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, accomplished PhDs, architectural engineers and rocket scientists. What happens when you combine these diverse talents with mobile advertising? Magic.

Come visit us in Union Square to experience the joy and wonder that is Data Science for Mobile.